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SURABAYA  fsr.sby@gmail.com
Telp. (021) 6385 1341/42/43
Fax. (021) 6385 1340
Tel./Fax. : 022-20270621
Tel./Fax. : 031-99004166/99841877
Tel./Fax. : 0271-8899948



Scope of Services

Being in the business of valuation (Property and Business Appraisal) and consultancy services, KJPP Felix Sutandar dan Rekan offers the following services:

  1. Property Valuation, including:

a.    Land & Building, as well as others development, which covers:

-       Residential (House and Apartment)

-       Commercial (Office, Office Building, Hotels, Shopping Centre)

-       Industrial (Industry Complex)

b.    Machinery and Equipment

c.    Transportation equipment, heavy equipment, communication equipment, office equipment and inventory, etc.

d.    Farm, plantation and forestry

  1. Business Valuation, including:

a.    Entity Business (Shares/Business/Equity Valuation)

b.    Business Participation 

c.    Obligation letter issue

d.    Company right and obligation

e.    Intangible asset

f.     The economic loss caused by any activity or event that happened in order to support any corporate action or material transaction

g.    Fairness Opinion

  1. Others Services, including:

a.    Feasibility Study

b.    Project Monitoring

 The valuation services are commonly used for various purposes, such as:

  • Financing
  • Loan facilities
  • Asset Revaluation
  • Company Restructuring
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • Transaction
  • Merger (joint venture)
  • Corporate Action
  • Property Auction
  • Insurance
  • Etc