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SURABAYA  fsr.sby@gmail.com
Telp. (021) 6385 1341/42/43
Fax. (021) 6385 1340
Tel./Fax. : 022-20270621
Tel./Fax. : 031-99004166/99841877
Tel./Fax. : 0271-8899948



Felix Sutandar, MSc

Position : Managing Partner of KJPP Felix Sutandar dan Rekan

Profession : Property & Business Valuer

Citizenship : Indonesia

Capital Market Licenses (OJK) : STTD.PPB-31/PM.2/2018

Valuer License :

Lisenced Valuer of Property & Business granted by Department of Finace of Indonesia (No. PB-1.08.00022)

Involvement in the Association :

  1. A member of Indonesian Society of Appraisers (Masyarakat Profession Penilai Indonesia – MAPPI) No. 81-S-0017
  2. A member of examiner board of “Valuer Certification Examination” (Ujian Sertifikasi Penilai – USP) held by MAPPI.
  3. The director of valuation certification in MAPPI.

Specialisation :

He has many experiences in various assets appraisal for various purposes, such as Company Initial Public Offering, transaction, asset revaluation, restructuring, obligation issue, shares/business valuation, etc.

He also has the skill and experiences in valuation of general property and specific property, such as a vast land for real estate development; either for residential, or industrial, golf course, hospital, petrol station, hotel, building with BOT (Build Operate Transfer) status, mining, shares/business Valuation etc.

Education :

·       1995, Master Degree (S2) in Property Management & Valuation from the University Technology of Malaysia.

·       1970-1975, Bachelor in Architecture, from the Tarumanagara University, Jakarta

 Work Experiences :




Oct 2009 – Now

KJPP Felix Sutandar dan Rekan

Managing Partner

2008 – Oct 2009

KJPP Felix Sutandar dan Rekan

Managing Partner

1978 – 2008

PT. Inti Utama Penilai, Jakarta


1973 -   1978

PT. I-IDM Corporation (Appraisal & Property Consultant company)

Property Appraisal

1972 – 1973

PT. Wismagaria Enterprises

Residential Development Planner

 Experiences as Instructor / Mentor for short courses, seminars, and valuer courses 

1981 – 1985

Valuation short course held by the Department of Finance

1984 – 1991

Short courses regarding the country liability, held by the Department of Finance

1990 – 1991

Valuation mentor for Property Taxation staff

1981 – 1995

Valuation mentor for courses held by Management Team IWPL, Trading Department

1983 – now

Valuation tutor for some private and government banks staff

Valuation tutor for seminars held by GAPPI dan MAPPI